Fuck Mississippi (And the Fifth Circuit)


Fuck em.



…to be honest, though, I find that song problematic.

It was understandable given the context in which it was written, but it’s a classic example of blaming the South alone for problems that are national.


Holy shit balls! This actually gives businesses the right to discriminate against straight people as well! With a fairly low bar at that, sex before marriage.

Listen, many shitbags have made the mistake of casting their nets so wide it overlaps the majority. Sad as it is, this will bite them when some well-to-do straight white person gets dinged.


GOP America. Laws don’t apply to rich white people.


This seems relevant:


The arsehole ascendancy continues unabated.


The state of Mississippi has no right to belong to the union. Fire these mother lovers. Sanctions now.


Except we can be certain they won’t. If the majority is inconvenienced in any way the law will be overturned.


Businesses need to move out of Mississippi as of yesterday. No more conferences, no more head or branch offices, and sports teams should refuse to show up. No fans travelling to Mississippi to games that end up happening. Teams will move out of failing markets.

Empathy may not sway these assholes ,but money will… For those whom money won’t, losing their teams might get their attention. Then you’ll see who really believes this shit and who thinks it’s great only because they think it doesn’t affect them.


The issue is that no one will ever use these laws to discriminate against well-to-do straight white people, that wasn’t the purpose. These laws were drafted for a purpose and that was specifically to give bigots power to discriminate against LGBTQIA people. To everyone else the law may as well not exist because it just doesn’t enter the transaction on either side. Sort of like how we allow police to have guns and practical licenses to kill but white people rarely notice either during traffic stops.


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