Fugitive swiftly recaptured


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It’s not out of the realm of possibility to disguise it.


No word on how they were able to spot him so quickly.

BTW: His upper lip is adorned with boot boy… What is that?

Asking for a friend.


Can’t hold his liquor?


He’s really into German boats.


He’s a fucking Nazi. Those are all white supremacist and Nazi tattoos. Scum.


Where to begin? The 1488 on chin is:
14 = 14 words
88 = HH = Heil Hitler

SAC under left eye: Soldiers of Aryan Culture

SS bolts on cheek: Nazi symbol

…along with a lot of other Nazi prison crap.



1488 is a nazi / hitler reference.

Edit: M_Dub is quicker then me.


Except the SAC tattoo. Pretty sure he figured out what the other prisoner who stuck him was going for and he put a stop to it.

Which gives me an idea. Should I ever end up in prison I may try to build a reputation as a tattoo artist among white supremacists just to pull off a few really good misspellings and subversions. Maybe put MLK’s birthday or something…


Here’s another photo of Mr. Judkins.






Body makeup.


It means he likes sleeping in UK car trunks.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


He’s aptly named!


fashion police nailed the sucker. nobody wears white t shirts except in Alabama.


the 1488 tattoo is white supremacist