Full body costume made of artificial human teeth


The tooth child costume for Candle Cove was constructed by Francois Deganais. It looked just as creepy in real life. The puppet characters in the show (Pirate Percy, Horrible Horace, Jawbone the skeleton & Laughingstock the pirate ship) were designed by Karen Valleau (my wife) and built by a remarkable team of artists in Toronto. The show was shot in Winnipeg so we ended up shipping all our work (and ourselves) out west to perform those portions of the show. It was fun.


I approve of your post & avatar


Yep. Great illustration of one of the things the maxilla and dentary bones do.

Hey, at least we don't normally have palatal teeth like placodonts or mosasaurs. That would be really weird.


Oh sweet chocolatey jesus. That is straight up nightmare material right there.


Can you explain further? Do the bones reshape themselves around the teeth as they form / are pushed out, or do they always have these tooth channels in them, or what?


When I saw the image, I didn't understand that those were teeth. I thought it was a human covered head to toe in engorged ticks.


But... the teeth in that mouth all have roots! It appears that (most) of the adult teeth are already in, doesn't it?

I think something's not right; it could very well be my opinion though!


Baby teeth have roots. The roots get absorbed as the adult tooth moves forward. If the adult tooth comes up beside the baby tooth instead of underneath it and you have to have said baby tooth pulled the root will still be intact and very long.

This knowledge comes from my very first visit to the dentist at 3 years old. Amazing I ever trusted dentists after that.


This video has 24M views and I'm not sure why:

Dentists, brah. They're weird.


Looks like something that would fit right in with "Lost in Space" or "Stranger Things".


That's a great question for a dentist (and I'll try to ask one next time I need my teeth looked at)! I'm inclined to say the dentary (the mandible in humans), at least, probably isn't going to change much in response to tooth development. Otherwise wisdom tooth removal might not be a thing, and if it wasn't, having an enlarged mandible (underbite) might pose serious problems for chewing food. But is this true for the maxilla (where the upper teeth emerge)? I really don't know.

Mammals are also weird. (And humans are even weirder forms of mammals.)

Also edited to add: The number of teeth humans have is relatively constant, though there are exceptions (I'm one; I had an extra incisor develop with my milk teeth and had to have that removed).

A slightly horrifying image. But at least it's not centipedes.


Oh man that is so COOL! Evolution is flippin' amazing!


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