Full-face masks, the ultimate sunblock, become fashion accessory




“Oh, Grandma, what a gimpy face you have!”

“All the better to creepy you out with, child.”


I’m sorry, but this just looks like the DVD cover for the worst, most disturbing gimp porn ever made. I hope I never go to that beach.


Pussy Riot goes to the beach!


On the other hand, they do have a certain anti-surveillance appeal


The should just have their faces printed on the the masks with a slick wet hair look, then they will just look like a scarecrow


Its a lucha libre tie-in opportunity!


Also useful if they need to rob a convenience store on the way to the beach.


Life imitates Neal Stephenson: in his first novel, The Big U (which Neal himself rather unfairly dismissed as “juvenalia” at one point), there’s a college fad in which women wear ski masks, at first because they don’t want to be seen without their makeup during late-night fire drills, but then because it gives them license to wear outfits that they otherwise wouldn’t want to be caught dead in. Other features of the book: campus sewer LARPing, giant rats, a rail gun, oldskool mainframe hacking, and a performance of the Toccata and Fugue in D minor that literally brings the house down.


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