Fun home experiments with supercooled water

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It’s safer than doing home experiments with superheated water (you can superheat water in a microwave).


Eeesh, don’t remind me. I’ve had that happen; accidently superheated a cup of water for tea then had it boil over onto my hand when I took it out (and immediately dropped it).

I’ve gotten into the car on a sub-freezing day and found a bottle of water in the liquid phase. A simple tap started it freezing from one end, slowly up to the other. Really cool.


“Fill a bottle with water and leave it in the freezer for three hours”

Uh, I’ve done that plenty of times, and never once had supercooled water as a result. There seems to be a significant missing step here… and other sources tell me the water needs to be distilled or purified with a reverse osmosis filter, which is an important distinction.


Don’t want you missing the step of installing a DI water tap, but seeing how close you can get with or without distilled water being on sale at the grocer is still good. Got to start my gothic plumber pandemic novel now…Marioleth reached for the mead left in the fridge at the howls of morning, and found his errant hand in someone’s hair he wouldn’t normally touch! Plus glass shards…


I was hoping all it took was 3 hours in the freezer. That extra step is a drag.

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