Fun "perpetual motion" gizmo made from office supplies


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perpetual until you have to re-twist the rubber band i guess


I was kinda diggin on the dino. :blush:


My thought as well, definitely not actually perpetual…


About as perpetual as one of these toys, right?


The boss says “Get back to work, or you’re fired.”


Obviously I work with the wrong people. The goofiest thing my coworkers and I ever came up with was trying to see if my giant ball of string, pictured below, would reach the ground from our 7th floor window.



Powered by mindwaves of dancing [stage] left shark


… and? Did it reach the ground?


Couldn’t have. At the moment, it’s keeping us all in suspense.


It’s a Tetherball automaton!


I love how into it the shark is.


Someone smoking in the parking garage on the floor directly below ours reached out and grabbed it. Then they started yelling. “Hello? Hello? Who’s up there? Who’s doing this?” and yanking on it.

I grabbed a pair of scissors and quickly cut the line and made my ball of string disappear for about a week, although why the smoker thought it was any of their business–they probably worked for an entirely different company–is still a mystery to me.


Management bought about a million of these crappy, basically zero ounce cups for the water cooler that everybody hated, so we helped them get better ones by making “owls” with the entire box, combining them and drawing faces on them, then hiding the result somewhere in the office. They were finding them for years.


Someone in middle management, no doubt.

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