Rubber band ball for $3


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What happened to hard work, elbow grease and moxie? Back in my day we had to make our own rubber band balls!


making the ball was half the fun!

(actually, thinking back, the fact that I only ever did it once may be evidence that it’s actually pretty tedious)


What was the other half?


The Film Shipping desk at Universal Studios used to take the tape off film cans they’d receive and stick those chunks of 1" gaffer’s tape onto a ball beside the desk. When last I checked in 1996 or so, the ball was three and a half feet in diameter. I wonder how big it eventually got by the time all the productions switched to digital cameras.


throwing it out of an upstairs window and being astonished at how high it would bounce


I would wind them TIGHT and until I’d need to chain multiple rubber bands together just to fit them around the ball. Yeah, that sucker’s gonna bounce.


My colleague routinely makes tape/label balls…


From the headline I actually thought you were joking about purchasing a rubber band ball pre-made. I was thinking that the contents of the article would be more along the lines of “Gentleman sells rubber band balls for $4 each.”


Your colleague is Korean?


A boy named Soo


There are two kinds of rubber band balls: ones like these, which exist as a form of packaging for new rubber bands, and ones that you make yourself from used rubber bands. I suppose one could buy the former to play the role of the latter (or even as a source of material for the latter), but that would be kind of silly.

My problem is that I don’t use enough rubber bands to exhaust either a ball or a bag of them before most of them deteriorate, but I don’t like to throw them away either.


Actually, with tape, it’s more fun to just stick to the wall, and let it grow there. I did that in my college dorm room years ago. I called it “Rose With Adhesive.”


I only use handcrafted rubber band balls made of organic free trade rubber sourced on etsy.


Or, to be really Etsy, posted as being handcrafted rubber band balls made of organic free trade rubber but actually bought in bulk from Alibaba for ten cents each.


One does not purchase a rubber band ball, one makes one. Mine is nearly 60 pounds.


So, the $3 one is a heck of a lot cheaper, eh?


But I can kill a rabid squirrel with mine, if circumstances called for it. I have been trying to talk my Dad into dropping it from an airplane, to film what happens. There is a bunch of potential energy in that thing.


$3.29 and wait a few days for it to be delivered, or just pay $2.99 at Office Depot and have it immediately. Gee, that’s a tough one.


Your car or public transit system must be awsome if you can round trip to Office Depot for $0.29 :thinking:

:smiley: D