Rubber band ball


Surely buying one of these goes against the Maker ethos, doesn’t it?


You BOUGHT a rubber-band ball?! What the hell? Where’s the fun in THAT?


I was thinking the exact same thing. Of all the things you can surely DIY (and even get some good time-lapse videos/gifs out of) it’s a rubber band ball.

If only every review reported how well the product did after being run over by a car.


It survived being run over by a car. It is just like it was made of rubber. Amazing!


When I saw the price tag on one in an office-supply catalog I made my own from rubber bands I had in the office. The one I made bounced beautifully, but was all one color, and disintegrated in about six months. Admittedly both of those problems could be solved (or, in the case of the disintegration, postponed) by buying fancy rubber bands, but where’s the fun in buying rubber bands?


Was it run over as part of a test or by accident? And if by accident: his does that even happen?

You have to treat the ball like one of those perpetual stews. Keep an eye out for different colours, sizes and strengths, and replenish it from time to time.

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Sadly, it seems like $5 is actually a decent price for 300 large rubber bands.

A quick google search finds smaller amounts which are NOT in ball form selling for up to twice that amount.

For rubber bands.

Why do you think they’ll all be large? Every good rubber band ball maker knows you start with smaller rubber bands and move onto larger bands as the ball expands.


800 rubber bands for $11.

I’d say $5 for more rubber bands than I’ve so far used my entire life is acceptable. I imagine others with a higher rubber band usage would want to shop around, but …

rubber band ball? looks like colored pasta (OK, I’m hungry)

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