250 rubber bouncy balls sounded like a really good idea


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I take it Nemo is big enough that he swallows them whole so no choking hazard for him.

We used to have one of these paper towel holders which is just a strip of metal with rubber balls on the end. We got rid of it in part because it couldn’t hold up a roll of paper towels but the balls also kept popping off. Then there’d be a mad scramble between me and the dogs to see who could get it first.


Growing up they were by far the favorite cat toy in the house. I’ve still got a box around here with dozens of them in it but since I married a cat-phobe there’s been no cats around to play with them.


You mean it doesn’t sound like this?


“250 rubber bouncy balls sounded like a really good idea”

It’s a bad idea?




That video isn’t available in my country, so here’s another version that is:

When I read the headline, I had the same line of thought, but with this song:


When I was a kid I would get a bouncy ball every time my mom would go to the store. Eventually, I had enough to cover the surface of the water during my bath time. I thought it was pretty damn cool at the time.


… and here’s what you can do if you order 1,000 sets of 250 rubber bouncy balls:

(Sony Bravia commercial; music: Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez)


I was just Googling that! So instead I’ll show you what you can do if you order ~250 tennis balls.


Obviously you have already thought of a concrete stairway in a multi-story building.


What’s all this about Borat’s balls?



250 rubber bouncy balls sounded like a really good idea

Actually they sound like:






i used to collect them, making sure that i never had 2 of the same. i had two large white 5gal buckets full by the time i gave them away to declutter. it is amazing how many different bouncy balls have been made. the variation is endless.

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