Shape these 120 colorful balls into perfect relaxation

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It takes a lot of balls to sell something like that.

I initially misread the title as “Slap” instead of “Shape” and was imagining a very different product/service.

I am in so the wrong business.

“a divan, a chaise longue (NOTE: not lounge), sofa, love seat, bed, settee, divan, you name it.”

I love the internal tension in that sentence.

Want. (Why must I post more than 6 characters?)

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I just add   to the end to make my posts legal.

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This is gonna be one of those lessons on sanitizing input, right?


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Tried it but no matter how much I shift my balls around, they never feel perfectly comfortable.

I was tempted to add two exclamation marks, but I rarely like using more than one.

I was looking for a place to store my extra cat hair.

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