Making rubber bands is incredibly labor intensive


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Damn! Rick and Morty has now ruined any “how X are made” videos for me; I can’t help but continuously think about how Plumbuses are made!


so many ways to lose a finger!


Don’t worry, there’s no union to complain about safety.


My great-great-grandad was a “bandy stitch” in a Rangoon rubber band factory in the 1890s. They used to hand cut little strips of thin rubber, fold them over into a loop, then hand stitch on a little anvil with a jig that looked like a four-eyed planarian, very distinctive shape, that. He barely escaped with his hands attached after getting caught half-twisting the bands into Möbius strips as a protest against the poor quality lunch noodles they were served. He escaped to Manila, where he met my great-great-grandma after he got a new job in the big envelope factory.


The history is just as complicated as the manufacture:


Good to know though that the guys working in the talcum powdered part of the factory have their respiratory system well protected by those trusty patches of thin fabric.


Reminds me of a pasta factory.


*pshaw. Yeah right. :roll_eyes:

I know where pasta actually comes from.


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