Semi-rigid, cubical rubber bands


All of the sharp corners means you know exactly where they will fail too.

I can only imagine what a pain in the butt it must have been to stretch that shape around the tube in the picture.

The sharp edges are points of stress concentration. The cube won’t last long in use.

Cute, though.

Regular rubber bands don’t need to be easy to find because you can get about 3,000 for the same price.


Yeah, the one problem I always have is picking up my rubber bands.

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I can see some use for the dual-rubberband with spacers. To hold curved objects together without slipping to one side. Namely to hold a pair of pliers (or tweezers, though a regular rubberband will do there) closed and held down so they can act as a small ad-hoc vise.

Why can’t you do this with regular rubber bands?

You can. They sometimes tend to slip. Nothing critical, just mildly annoying. But about the only place evident to me now where such kind of rubbercube could be actually good for something.

For less ad-hoc use, a piece of clothing-grade rubber strip and a bit of velcro makes a nice adapter to slip on the pliers handles.

That’s easy enough to fix with a diagonal steel truss.


Won’t it be harder to put someone’s eye out? No thank you.

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You need a hyper-cubical rubber band for that, then you can do it from the next room.


Or, if the added dimension is time, from the next week.


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