How to shoot a rubber band twice as fast, twice as far, and much more accurately

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This is a great tip!

inb4: physics pedantry about “torque” and spin letting something “plough through the air”

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How can that guy even stand to be him.


Three whole minutes of intro filler for 30 seconds of content in a 5 minute clip. :unamused:


Cool idea. Why does it have to involve insulting the intelligence of the two women in the video?


Yep, start 3 mins in, intro is worthless and irritating. Stop at 3:30, since the rest is more worthless banter. I still need to find a rubber band to test with. That dude’s the brogrammer of rubber band shooting.


Welcome to Youtube. We hope you enjoy your stay.


…to know that you have had to come from another co-habitation arrangement but I get it

thanks for sharing mark

Houseflies? Reckon it’s about as effective for that as chopsticks.

Shooting rubber bands is primarily a means of ticking people off, in my experience.

If you get a rubberband that forms a circle when at rest and then shoot it with more tension on one side than the other, it can be made to go away from you and then roll back to you. That is a pretty cool trick.


that would have been a quite good video if it was, like, 8 seconds long.

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It still doesn’t beat this:


In the late '70s, I learned this trick from the computer operators at Univac - Roseville Software Development Center. Those guys could launch a rubber band 20 feet across the raised floor of the computer room and it would roll right back to them. It’s not easy to find the right sort of rubber bands these days.


I tried the method of rubber band shooting that was in the video, and it does work, but it seems needlessly complex.

Just pinch the rubber band between the thumb and pointer finger of your off hand, and then with the other hand, grasp the band like a third of the way from center and then pull back.

You are doing the same thing by stretching one side more than the other, only faster and with the ability to shoot off of your thumb instead of your pointer finger.

As this was closer to the way I usually shoot rubber bands, it was more comfortable for me.


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