Its-A-Bob: Part whimsical toy, part art object




Needs drone counter-measure entanglement capability.


So it is a balloon … with a motorized rope? Am I missing something magically fun here?


I’m not sure that this is the best Kickstarter to support.

Isn’t the world running out of helium?


But with one of these gadgets we get the Helium back!


Did he really just say, “what up, kids?”


I’m sorry, but I hate it. All this teaches kids is that they need a mass-produced item to do something that can easily be done by using a longer string, some washers for a weight, and a piece of cardboard to wrap the string around… or maybe an old fishing reel.
I know I sound like a cranky old Luddite, but when it comes to toys, I think inefficiency is a feature- not a bug.


What up kids.


He should stick with the art world, where people are more reluctant to say, “Um, that’s kind of dumb.”


I believe the term is “it doesn’t speak to me”.


How to capture that “just let go” feeling without buying a plastic gizmo:

  1. tie a loop in the bottom of the string, put it around your finger
  2. grab the string just below the base of the ballon and pinch it against the loop in your finger
  3. let go



Probably be an initial order of 100,000 units from Wallyworld. I think it’s a twenty minute toy and a yard sale classic


Its-A-Bob: Part whimsical toy, part art object, all irresponsible waste of limited resource


I’m one of those boring Europeans who object to advertising aimed at kids…


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