Funko's 'This is fine' Dog

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Sort of looks like Jake from Adventure Time.


Here’s hoping the original artist (KC Green, …i think) gets at least 0.75 penny of every sale.


I recall reading that this is indeed authorized by Green. I think of Question Hound as the Mr. Natural of our era in a lot of ways, but I think overall Green is getting better treatment than Crumb.

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It would’ve been nice of @jlw to credit KC in this post, too.

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18 € extra in shipping + taxes. Well. It certainly comes at a cost to import the attitude.

ETA: well, we did already, so everyone pays their share right now.

Someone had this on their desk at Mission Control during the Perseverance landing on Mars. Probably reflects how they expected to feel during those seven minutes.

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The eyes are less dead inside and more demon possessed, oh well. I still kind of want it.

We had one of these in our office (may still be there):

Much better looking.


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