Everything is not fine


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Yeah, well. . . "In Heaven, everything is fine. . . "



Is that a crappy copy or is the original spliced up like that? I don’t remember that.


(sorry, I just grabbed the first one I saw. and it’s been so long since I saw this in the theater I can’t actually remember if it was spliced like that.)


A link to KCGreen’s new kickstarter for a plush toy version of our boy there.


Sure it is!


It is vitally important that you stay calm!!!



K.C. Green, yr friend, drew the original strip as part of his Gunshow series:


I’d like a plush of his derpy vixen character:



I’m not sure we’re going to be ready for that sentiment until after the election: assuming we don’t need to revert to the original at that point.


The Pixies version, for good measure.


IDK, the crosshatch in the last four panels is pretty fine.


I suppose for completeness, what we need is the original “Everything is Fine” comic.

There’s a certain deep profundity in this that can only be achieved now that the strip has been finished for quite some time.

On that note, I thought The Nib was done and over with as well?


I love KC Green’s gunshow.

You know what they say…:



They’re back!


Oh, the Pixies. Long time ago. Probably calling for a walk through memory lane, where everything was more fine than felt in that time. Hindsight…



Everything is not fine


Everything is totally fuine.