Here's the "This is Fine" meme as a Zoom background for you to download

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hah he’s at a conservation org. Makes sense… I’ve got one of these on our plug-in hybrid and I’ve used it in presentations about fire for the large scale battery business… I immediately thought of it as a global warming meme, glad others do too…


Zoom meetings are still a thing?


Zoom meeting backgrounds are so 2021.


i still zoom with Dear Brother every friday, as we have done for over 3 years now.
i’m afraid he’d be startled and upset if i were to appear in front of that background. he would want to know what is wrong.


Wow, that Verge interview from 2016 is interesting. (The squiggly brackets are mine. The square brackets are the Verge’s.)

{The Verge} Chris Plante: What inspired “On Fire”?

{The creator} KC Green: This was in 2013. I think I was still struggling with myself — with getting my anti-depressants and stuff right. You know, every now and then you have these off days where shit is worse, but you’re trying to ignore it. It’s just a feeling you have. I wrote this comic and that was all there was to it.


{The Verge} Why has it become so popular?

{The creator} Because it’s a feeling we all have, apparently. It’s a feeling we all get of, just like, “Things are burning down around me, but you got to have smile sometimes.” It’s a basic human [feeling], “Well, what are you going to do?”

{The Verge} Why do you think meme is only the first two panels and not the full comic?

{The creator} Brevity. Just quick memes. That’s all people want. And that’s all that some of them have seen. {…}

{The Verge} Is it possible “This Is Fine” has endured, because it’s like our generation’s “Hang in there” poster?

{The creator} [Laughs] Yeah, it has a similar feeling, like just hang in there, we’re almost to Friday.

{The Verge} Maybe that’s why the two panels are popular. There’s still hope.

{The creator} That’s what I’ve wondered. He doesn’t melt — and it is kind of grotesque at the end. It’s easier to sell the first two than the entire panel where the dog melts into nothingness.

I never thought of the meme as being like the “Hang in there” poster. I always thought it was, like, “We are so f*cked and no one is paying attention”


I see your This Is Fine and I raise my Plush Dumpster Fire


Yes, very much so, at least at my workplace.

One good thing to come out of the pandemic is that the peeps I work with no longer “need” to travel to and gather physically in a room for various meetings.


It’s amusing so i might yoink it for my own use.

On another note, not sure i love seeing links going to x-twitter


I’ve been bouncing between “This is Fine” and the Overlook Hotel hallway from The Shining ever since Zoom became a thing.


I would love to use this as a Zoom background, but the upper management people who want to see my face on Zoom would not be properly appreciative. Not to mention, probably wouldn’t get it.


I work for a company with multiple offices so yes.

Going to use it when I present at incident review next!


When we first switched over to emergency virtual learning in 2020, I started using this image as the first thing my (teenage) students saw when signing into Google Meet:

I have a morbid sense of humor.


So, uh… what’s up with that first image link?


Yeah, I just noticed it when I wanted to download. Anyone has Twitter and can grab the actual image for us?

Good news is… Twitter no longer forces you to log in (whee)


Why would anyone who’s not a far-right, Musk-licking nutter even want to log into X/Twatter?

I know some who still do (for work related reasons), though most have been posting less I think

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