Funky Kingston, Toots and the Maytals


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The part where he imitates James Brown is kinda cute!

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One of my all-time fav’s. Although I really should get to Kingston one of these days. .

Along with Pressure Drop* this is my favourite Toot’s song ever. Especially the drum roll at about 1:55.

  • Top on my list of songs I would play as an astronaut on the ISS.


Nice ring modulator! Like it was gated or something.


This song might be that edge period between Rocksteady and Ska, or it might have been one of those “made for export” records, I can’t remember which.

FIrst heard Pressure Drop as a Clash cover. The Jamaicans I knew in the 80s in Dallas were all into the new (at the time) dancehall sounds so took me some research to find the ska origin of that track.

I’m no expert, but just to my ear, I consider it rocksteady. it was compiled onto Trojan’s rocksteady compilation, fwiw.

timewise, is Toots considered reggae, or his career spanned the eras? in terms of the studio sound, like, the engineering, it seems like reggae era, but the style is usually more upbeat-feeling if not outright faster than what I think of as reggae.

Toots Hibbert has had hits in all three eras, he is one of the very few Jamaicans to accomplish this. As far as the studio sound and engineering, lots of Toots & The Maytals early work was done at Studio One which lasted throughout all three eras as well and does have a very distinct sound. Roots era reggae may have started out more downtempo in reaction to the speed of ska but that was not a hallmark of the roots or post roots era.

Not an “expert” myself but I do know a fair amount about the history of Jamaican music and have been producing dub reggae and selecting at sound system events for quite a while.

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We might have crossed paths, who knows - these bands from Dallas came over to play in Ft. Worth one night. (1989)

I last lived there 80-86, by 89 I was in Austin.

Dang, so was I! Actually 88-02. But I was back in D/FW for the summer of 89.

After looking through these, I noticed that here’s what went on the next night. (This was at someone’s house, so the address/phone are blurred out)

Somewhere I probably still have a Kozik flyer for a Bad Mutha Goose show in Austin. Unfortunately I traded my Texas reggae flyers for a Scientist tape at one time.

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