Funny photos of cats that pose like pin-up models

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You mean pinups haven’t been imitating cats all this time?


Daw. I want to pet the kitty!


The version of it with hot guys:

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Oh Là…awww?

I think the pinup ones are a little more accurate (catturate?), but this one cracked me up.

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Why are his jeans unbuttoned? I don’t feel safe…

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The you absolutely shouldn’t visit the bunker @redesigned, @shaddack, and @awjt and I are building. Pants. Optional. (Except when soldering/welding, or frying fish.)


You can solder without pants. You just have to be a bit extra careful.

Same goes for welding, though the sparks get way more annoying there; but if you need just a tack or two done, it’s not that bad.

…I have quite some socks with lots of tiny holes from the sparks…


yeah, those latex socks can’t stand real heat.

Cotton in this case. With open-top sandals (when you don’t want to suit up for just a lousy little weld) the sparks find ways in. With 2mm to 2.5mm electrodes they are small enough to not be more than mildly inconvenient, usually; still, better to stride so the fire rains on the floor between your feet.

Beware also of the angle grinder. The shower of sparks is harmless-ish but can be pretty intense from up close. Once I burned a hole in a flannel shirt when working in a forced position and showering my belly with sparks from just about two inches apart for a while.



Sometimes I am a bit dense.


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