China is selling "anti-pervert" flamethrowers that fit in a handbag


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I, for one, don’t see what could possibly go wrong with any of this!


Can I solder with one of these?


What? They couldn’t possibly just be rebranded chinese gas soldering irons! No, that’s just unpossible, because perverts.


“There is concern that the flame-throwers could become the latest dangerous gadget to become popular in China, following a fad among some children for tiny crossbows which can shoot toothpicks or needles.”

I’m guessing that Jarts are still being marketed there as well.

They do now.



Reminds me of an old Rick Overton stand-up bit about people getting blasted by their own pepper spray.

Can’t find a vid, unfortunately.


I wouldn’t bet on solder irons, but I would bet on butane lighters with a manufacturer error introducing an air intake into the flame.


With a 20" flame, that’s perfect for soldering wires to bombs and you don’t want to get too close.


The one time I wish something was in the BoingBoing store…




If flamethrowers are illegal only the perverts will have flamethrowers!



While you are at it, I suggest the "Freedom of soldiers outside the magic of God sticks"


The one woman I knew who carried a gun said that part of her training was to empty the clip if she used it; the idea being that said pervert couldn’t then use it against her. That doesn’t work with 30 minute flame short swords… (Or we’re talking about some special kind of pervert.)


I suppose it says something that my first thought was “But why is the flame magenta?”


\begin{Australian accent}
That’s not a cigarette lighter. This is a cigarette lighter!
\end{Australian accent}


I knew that groping of women and girls was a huge problem in Japan, that women took to carrying hat pins to stab the guy with. When I asked a Japanese friend of mine how often it happened she said “every day!”.


True. I heard from my Japanese prof in college a gal a couple years ahead of me got placed in Tokyo, and had to leave after a few weeks. Could not handle it.


This seems just as intimidating as a knife, but a lot harder to control.