Furiosa's tampon ad


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If it bleeds, it leads.


There’s a Megyn Kelly/Trump mashup with this that is just waiting to be born.


I would buy this product, whatever she was selling.


I like it, it’s going to be HUUUUUGE!


Hmm. Women shouldn’t be in positions of power because their biology makes them temperamental, amirite?


I’m just confused about the “Not affiliated with Warner Bros.” disclaimer at the end.


I see a missed opportunity:

Imperator Furiosa: You wanna get through this? Do as I say. Now pick up $tamponName and run.

Sigh, guess I’m gonna have to watch Fury Road for the 50th time…


Because they didn’t pay to use the character?


Well this makes me think they should do a Tampon ad featuring guys in the good 'ol USA.

Many people will carry tampons in their first aid kit for ‘heavy bleeder’ type wounds - here is the pitch:

"Two guys in heavy combat gear - bullets flying - bombs going off

  • Guy 1 gets hit by bullet/shrapnel - starts bleeding horribly
  • Guy 2 says “hold on buddy I got ya”
    Guy 2 proceeds to pull out tampon and apply

Flash - 2 months later - guys are having a 'good ‘ol American beer’ at a bar
Guy 1 says “man you saved my life - what did you use to stop all the bleeding”
Guy 2 says “tampax pearl active - dude nothing stops blood better”
Guy 1 says “wow you’d think they’d show that in a comercial”
Guy 2 says “no way man - they can show people getting blown up but female blood is worse than cuss words”
Guy 1 finishes the shot with “Well if I need to stop bleeding Tampax will be my go to from now on”
Clink bottles of beer and go to product voiceover.


Pretty, lame, but here is a commercial completely produced by guys:


I tend to see a lot of Furiosa posts in my newsreader feed…
This was a nice compare and contrast to typical powerful female characters.
furiosa vs. tropes for women in action


You sound a bit irritable… Moonsickness?


Good thing that tongue of yours is planted cheek wise, Bucko! :slight_smile:


Does it include a coupon for a kevlar vest for her boyfriend?


That’s excellent… did you read the follow up about Max? Good stuff.


Who should they get to advertise Dude Wipes?


Amy Schumer.


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