Fury Road, hieroglyph edition

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I live, I die, I get my brain pulled out through my nose with an iron hook, I get my lungs, stomach, intestines and liver removed and put in jars, I get dehydrated in natron, I get wrapped up in linen, I get stuffed into a fancy box, I live again!


… I am awaited in Sekhet-Aaru!


Is it me, or did this movie establish a surprisingly firm grasp in the nerd subconscious?

I mean it’s being cherished, remixed and memed in a level other IPs have aimed for and not quite reached (Avatar) and certainly more than the older Mad Maxes. No?


Yup! I was entertained by it, but I am confused by the amount of attention it still receives. It will be interesting to see what philosophical movie critiques will have to say about it in the coming years.

One thing that really confuses me is that I thought we were going to push away from the distasteful female victim needing rescue story? But this story seems to have skipped right past that critique as it is being hoisted onto the shoulders of nerd core.

The girls were too pretty to qualify as “distasteful”. Maybe that’s why.

:slight_smile: When typing, I was wondering whether to go with a comma or quotes:

push away from the distasteful, female victim needing rescue story?
push away from the distasteful “female victim needing rescue” story?

Then I figured no one was going to care anyway.

Thanks for caring shaddack.


@shaddack always cares, and has half a dozen ideas how to digital/pyro/science up even your gardening. :smile:


Needing rescuing by whom? Aren’t they all self-rescuing princesses?


And it wasn’t a huge hit.

The movie and its marketing really played up to the tumblr, deviantart crowd.

In this case it’s actually about the woman breaking themselves out, Max is just kind of a tag-along who’s also trying to escape and happens to team up with them, as opposed to being the Focal Point of the story.

Isn’t it kind of bifocal? One without the other would be pretty much screwed.

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Budget: $150 million

Box office: $374.2 million



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