Futuracha, a beautiful, ornamental typeface that magically adjusts as you type


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Futuracha Pro, a font that "evolves" as you type

It’s a pretty face, and a neat effect, but, speaking as someone who works with type for a living, I’d hope that automatic ligature adjusting can be turned off as needed/desired. Otherwise, I’d think it would be a huge pain in the ass to work with if it kept morphing as you typed.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Yeah, this is fun to look at, but seems destined to take both “Most Papyrus font of 2017” and “Most Annoyingly Unnecessary Overloading/Overcomplicating of What Should Be a Low-Bandwidth Operation of 2017” in some retrospective blog post of the future. More like Futurheadacha, am I right?


The PR on this font is a little overdone, give that it’ll be used in/will be suitable for, probably, 0.00001% of all near future graphics projects.*

*That’s a very wild estimate, but I’m sure it’ll be used less than Comic Sans.


Name one company that would choose this as the font for their website or correspondence.


Even if used less, I’m sure the ratio will end up being about the same as Comic Sans/Papyrus. As those beasts taught us, those two values are entirely independent, if not inversely related…


Hey Thorzdad, I am Odysseas, the creator of futuracha. Ofc you can turn the ligature adjusting off when needed :).


Hey Arduenn, I’m Odysseas, the creator of futuracha. I really hope won’t become the new Comic Sans. I always underline that it’s decorative and not suitable for long texts. You can check some applications on our indiegogo campaign :).


Hey mate, I am the creator of futuracha and hope it won’t be the new comic sans. I always underline that it’s decorative and not suitable for long texts. It’s a playful and untamed.

P.S. It started as an experiment so that may explain some things. You can check the full story on indiegogo. Btw i don’t think it’s fair to compare it with papyrus.


It’s a super cool font with some of the neatest ligatures and OT features I’ve seen attempted. It makes me wish that I was still doing indie band album covers so that I’d have a reason to charge it to a client.

I guarantee it’d work beautifully for any number of restaurants, bars, saloons, bookstores, quirky gift stores, music clubs…


Well, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I feel physically terrible knowing you had to read my cheap, lazy internet snark about the artisan project you poured your heart into*. I’d say more, but any walk-backs (including the fact that I actually do think that It is very cool to look at…) would seem terribly disingenuous. Best of luck!

Only in the sense of the intended scope of use vs. actual scope of use did I want to make the papyrus comparison (but then again, I actually kinda like papyrus…)

*If it helps, I have a filing cabinet drawer stuffed to the gills with projects I’ve never shared for fear of being torn apart on the internet.


It’s the Beowulf for a new generation.


Good point. I guess that I’ve spent too much time building websites for attorneys. I almost think helvetica is too radical for some of them.


Ugh. I think building a website for an accountant and his attorney wife was one of the last straws in my former life as a website designer. When Times New Roman is “too spiky”…


Creative is now a noun.


building sites for underground jazz musicians and avant-garde painters was both the best of times* and the worst of times** for me.(although, let’s be honest, porn sites, and SEO-spam Joomla sites to drive traffic to a horse-racing-based gambling software weren’t exactly high points)

*creative freedom
**getting finalized copy and getting paid.


Through verbing you noun adjectives.


A more elegant font for a more civilized age. :grinning:

@Odysseas_Gp hey, I am sure you get a lot of snark, but the typeface looks great. I sincerely wish you the best of luck.


I cannot agree more on both counts. My actual last website was for a semi-celebrity actress/singer/painter who gave me “total freedom”. She then requested a daily newsletter, an accompanying blog, a custom-built media player, a dynamic calendar of events, and the ability for her to edit all of the graphics by dragging-and-dropping whenever she wanted to. Her budget: $200.