Fyre Festival founder to employees: you're not getting paid, but wanna work for free?


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$12k-a-ticket Fyre Festival tells staff they're not going to be paid

Can’t the employees just take turns punching and kicking him until he sacks them?


Beat that mofo like an ole’ rug.


During the collapse of the first dotcom boom around 2000-2001 I remember a lot of charismatic CEOs pulling this one: “our company is so cool, a loving family, so why not work for nothing?”

The beatings suggested aren’t good enough for this serial grifter (and he’s nothing compared to his partner Ja Rule, who was on the conference call but pretended he couldn’t hear because of static on the line)


Christ, what a Trumphole.


A friend of mine once worked for a company that had “paycheck races” When they handed out paychecks (late) the entire place would empty as everybody raced to be the first ones to the bank, because everybody knew that the last ones there would have their paychecks bounce.


. . .and lurking in a nearby coffee shop sits a team of lawyers, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, with a small cardboard sign before them upon which is written “Want to testify? Ask me how!”


That’s the last straw. I’ve decided I shan’t be attending Fyre Fest next year. Period.


These are the people I feel bad for in this situation.


And I am sure that Mr McFarland, being the all around decent guy that he is, will also not be taking any paychecks himself until the crisis is over.



I’ve heard of this term called wage theft.


It’ll be such a hardship, him living in the company’s party mansion, subsisting on the catered meals, being ferried around on the company’s Uber account…

[I know a guy like this from the media-industrial complex: eternally cash poor without a dime in savings but lives exactly that lifestyle. He’s not a grifter, his company pays its employees and I like him, but it’s still odd.]


Man, just start packing up furniture and equipment and leave.


If you’re fired for cause, you’re not eligible for unemployment insurance.

So . . . maybe he was trying to provoke them?


Sue for breach of contract and unpaid wages. Then quit, and sue again for constructive dismissal. Given the shitshow that Fyre was, he probably didn’t have the sense to limit his own liability, so bankrupt the fucker and make sure he doesn’t do it again. Apply the cold hard logic of capitalism to his tender parts and make him truly understand the power of the market.


I cannot give enough hearts to this!


Good luck with that.

While this guy does sound like a dick, and these people are certainly screwed, at some level, you have to wonder, at what point in the taking-cash-to-work-for-skeezy-promoter-at-offshore-resort process do you begin to question the wisdom of your actions?


Well, he’s not a “wage theft” grifter, but he sure sounds like a tax cheat…The IRS has some things to say about “business expenses” that are for personal use…

One rather assumes that no SS or income taxes were withheld… I’d bet that the employees owe taxes on that cash…


When employees who had been paid in cash for months

So not only did he steal from unsuspecting rich kids, he also stole from the US Government by not paying payroll taxes (and his employees most likely not claiming the income)

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