Galactic knives


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Have fun cleaning and sharpening those without damaging the (admittedly beautiful!) pictures…




My guess would be that they are ceramic, so, I think the image is pretty permanent.
But for me $50.00 is not enough for just one knife.


Those aren’t galaxies. Those are nebulae.


Naw, according to the link they’re stainless. Not a material that holds coatings well, generally.

I was actually hoping for heat treated titanium but ceramic would be good.


These are the same knives you see sold under the names Hampton Forge Tomodachi, Cuisinart Advantage Color Collection, and others. The handles change between companies but the blades all look like they originate from the same source. I’ve had a few. They dull fast and the color is painted on. If you sharpen them carefully you won’t damage the color for a while. Eventually however the paint begins to flake off and get in to your food.

edit to add. Speaking of kitchen knives, this is my favorite kitchen knife product in a very long time


166$ CDN

(Yes this is a complete sentence)


peak crappy knives, late stage kitchenware…


No. That is all.


I’m sure they are as sharp as they are tasteful.


If sharpening is a concern you want a cosmic knife; rather than a galactic one.


In all fairness, there are at least a couple of galaxies on a couple of those blades. Hard to avoid 'em in deep-focus work like this.

They’re certainly not the center of attention in these shots, but they’re there. Look closely at any of “mostly black starfield” parts, for anything with a lumpy non-point-like shape and no diffraction spikes. Those are galaxies — the damn things are everywhere! There are bazillions of 'em. Like sand in your shoes at the beach.


Yikes. Last thing I want is a knife that is visually appealing and distracts me while I try to remove the avocado seed. What’s next, techno-inspired rave knives with psychedelic pulsating lights?


The blades are stainless, but the coating is ceramic. There are a lot of different alloys of stainless, each with different properties.


Titanium is cool in many ways, but it doesn’t hold an edge as well as steel.


What do you base that on? The FAQ on their website says that these Guangdong Province produced knives use a “color plate” applied via “heat transfer” aka paint.


Right, but the photocatalytically oligodynamic oxide of titanium anodizes to a beautiful range of colors. I was sort of hoping the pictures were made with heat and electricity rather than with paint… too much to hope for, apparently.


A set of six of these knives costs $49.95


…and they look cool, what could possibly be wrong with this picture?