X-Wing Fighter knife-block


You posted this one in June, I think.

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If they’re the same sort of knives that ship with similar knife blocks they’re god damned awful. A friend of mine has this one. The included knives are some of the worst I’ve ever used. Dull as shit, I tried to do him a favor and sharpen them up a bit and it took hours to get even a basic edge on them.


I feel ya. I spent an hour grinding away at a friend’s knife the other day just so I could slice a goddamn onion. I’d be embarrassed to let people round my house if my knives were that blunt (nothat’snotweirdshutup).

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I prefer just using a Henckels Professional Grade kitchen knife.

It’s an elegant blade… for a more civilized age.


You think?

But is it better than this one?


I like that the banana is black.

I do! Often, even.

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Its something about these 100% stainless (both blade and handle) knives. It seems like every brand (outside of global which are their own sort of weird) I’ve ever touched is just total junk. Nearly lost a finger last time I tried to sharpen one. It was so uneven I couldn’t keep contact with the stone, pinched the tip of my index and rolled the knife, it sort of tore rather than cut a big chunk out of my finger. I learned that super glue is a wonderful thing and that it’s not worth it to try and fix these things.

a striking (if potenitally dangerous) way to display your kitchenware

From TFA: “Individual knife protection sheaths are integrated into the design”

Knife blocks are stupid garbage that do nothing but take up space and breed filth. Magnet strips are the way to go — edge guards and a knife roll in your cabinet if you have housemates that can’t be trusted not to fuck up every goddamned thing in the kitchen all the time.

If only.

When we bought our house we discovered the (childless) previous owners had installed a magnetic knife strip along the left side of the lower cabinets, maybe 30" off the floor.

It’s still there, but we’ve never used it since our knives are sharp and our children were grabby when small. My only real regret is that it’s too tight against the cabinet to be a useful towel rack.

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