Gallery of all (?) 7 undercover NYPD cars disguised as yellow cabs

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First I just wanted an app to run on my smartphone to tell me if I was linked to a stingray. Now I need that app to tell me if the cab I’m trying to hail is an undercover cop car. Thanks, Obama!


How long before this photographer gets either a) “Not so randomly” hassled by officers that seem to know who he is or b) The department sues him for some bogus charge. Terrorism? Espionage for sharing sensitive pictures? The sky is the limit.


All i want to know is: do they take passengers?


Yeah, they do. But they don’t always let them off where the passenger wants to go.


Only cabs in the city that pick up black people.


Free trip to Rikers Island? Aw, who am I kidding, they probably make 'em pay the meter.

Oh, sure. But can he spot the Cash Cab?


Yes. But they don’t actually ask you where you want to go.

Notice that the license plate matches the taxi ID on the roof. A few years ago, they used municipal plates which did not match the ID. That “wait a sec” moment when I saw it was clarified once the driver pulled up to a group of street officers. I’m glad they figured out a better disguise by matching the plates.

Now, for your next NYC quest, find the street vendor food carts which are full of cameras and placed at strategic locations. I bet they still serve a great falafel.

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