Reckless driver plows through restaurant, injures cop in Manhattan — then flees on foot (video)

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Pretty sure that car was stolen.


Yeah, something just doesn’t seem right. :clown_face:


If the cops had his valid driver’s license, that’s gonna be a long walk home. :man_shrugging:


Florida, Georgia and North Carolina plates are the ones you always see after someone illegally passes you into oncoming traffic in NYC. NY drivers will cuss you out, lay on the horn and flick you off once they do get by you, but it’s the southeastern plates that think they in an F&F movie for some reason.

Also, the fuck are you doing in a car on 39th and 7th?


Here’s a soundtrack for that second video.


I mean, otherwise they can literally just run the plates and swing by their house…

As a cyclist who rides in New York City, I pay close attention to license plates. NJ plates say “keep your distance and watch for unexpected moves”; FL plates say “maybe you should ride on a different block”.

Mind you, where I live, the cars most likely to illegally pass you and drive into oncoming traffic all have NY plates. I live three blocks from the police precinct, and the 5 minutes either side of shift change are the most dangerous times of the day, as the cops who left home a little too late go barrelling down the wrong side of the street trying to make up for lost time.


The passenger side windows are both severely damaged but haven’t fallen in or out in pieces; there’s probably security film laminated on the inside. This guy’s either paranoid, a criminal with reason to be paranoid or stole the car from someone he perhaps shouldn’t be messing with.

maybe he’s back in town - from “retirement” - you know, “to do a job” for “carlos”, capeche?


Looking for a restaurant that had drive-thru. Looks like they created one.


Looks like he learned to drive in GTA

Par for the course: Crazy Reckless Benz Escapes From Cops, Hits 7 Cars, Drives on Sidewalk. 14 People Hurt / Bronx - YouTube

Coming from the south, probably just UV or blackout film. Most cars down here (including our own) have it.

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