Gallery of gadgets at the Bang & Olufsen Museum

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I came across some wire reels and a wire recorder at a junk sale but I couldn’t get them to play, the one pictured here looks like a much better design, mine was top-load and filled with years of dust and grime. As a tape generation guy I always wondered, why wire?

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You work with what’s available.

Wire was durable and didn’t require a sophisticated coating process. The technology dated back to the late 19th century. It was monophonic and had a higher Signal-to-Noise ratio than the ferrous oxide paper tapes developed in the 1930s until AC biasing was developed as a means of improving the S/N ratio.


Wire existed and worked, tape didn’t exist.

(You can make your own audio tape today, out of iron filings and sticky tape, but don’t expect stunning fidelity)


Gorgeous design, but I couldn’t help thinking that this would be the perfect “red phone” for the Trump White House.

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