Incredible gallery of C-90 cassette tapes

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I find the idea of old tech quite interesting, especially when they are slowly being forgotten with newer generations. Like how the icon for saving things is often a floppy disk, or saying that you are going to “tape” something directly refers to the medium that used to be used for recording (but why would that be relevant to the current generation?). Saying that you’re going to “hang up” or “pick up” the phone.

There’s many examples of outdated tech that we still see commonly used to describe them, and i often wonder if some people have any idea why. It’s interesting. And yesi know this is veeery vaguely related to the cassette thing but i felt like thinking out loud :stuck_out_tongue:


Thought that I remembered a nice smooth gif that cycled through a bunch of brands, but perhaps I am just combining this one and this sweet TDK one in my memory.


(Why is Maxell grouped in with Hitachi and Lo-D?)

How many actual tape manufacturers were there? I’m sure a lot (most?) of these are vanity/rebranded labels.

Also, WTF

Please don’t.


I’m pretty sure I owned every one of those Maxell variants.

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