Gallery of photos you might not immediately realize all include dildos


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I can’t seem to zoom in on the pics. I saw in comments where a couple of them were hidden, and even knowing where to look could barely make them out because of the small size.

tl:dr: Need bigger images, or bigger dildos.


Oh, the guys are dildos! I get it. /s


I’m inclined to go with this explanation. I looked, but couldn’t find any literal dildos. I may well not want to.


Well, may be NSFW, but still better than “Employment contracts you didn’t realize included dildos”


I’m sooo not clicking on a link for with my company web filter alarm =/


meh. what would they really do?


The subtle dildo penetrates the shield…


This is about as “subtle” as Where is Waldo, only worse. More like “Wouldn’t ever notice it on my own and even deliberately looking for it, it takes forever and I’m not even sure that the tiny beige cluster of pixels is or isn’t the object in question.”


…but look down.


Look down???


Loving these! But yeah I had to zoom in as all fuck with the web browser to have a decent chance of spotting them.


Whats the point?


Everything’s a dildo except your donkey and a hole in the ground, and a hole in the ground is actually a negative dildo. That leaves your donkey. Enjoy!


Two nuns are in the bathtub. One of the nuns asks, “Where’s the soap?” The other one replies, “Yes, it certainly does.”


You’re overthinking this. They’re actually all over the place.


b̶r̶a̶v̶e̶ stupid

There, FTFY


My friend doesn’t get this joke.


Ok, so the “where/wear” pun was what my friend figured, but there’s also an implied “wears out” the soap. Hehe.


Its shape matters too (or so I hear).