Gallery of unusual houses


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The late great architect Zaha Hadid’s only residence design is my favorite of late. Recently completed, it looks like a space ship resting.


That rooftop shack/garden is looking at me.


A suspected illegal construction is seen covered by green plants atop a 19-story residential building in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China, on April 11, 2014. The construction, which takes up an area of about 40 square meters, was built 10 years before. Local law enforcement department discovered the construction back in 2012, but have failed to find the owner since then, local media reported.

I wonder how much the bribes cost the owner? (To be clear, not judging.)


Is that a rooftop shack? Or is it just an apartment that let the houseplants get out of control. They do say “suspected illegal construction” but who knows what’s under that foliage.

And here’s my favorite unusual house:


Thank you for posting that. The more pictures I saw of that house, the more amazed I became. Just stunning design.


Futuros were fun ski chalets, but you’d want to redesign from scratch for a home, or add a Quonset hut for storage and workspace.


That Atlantic boycott didn’t last long


for a man she called the “Russian James Bond”.

No. We have had entirely enough Russian James Bonds. Spoiler: They are not our friends, no matter how cool their houses are.


even if there’s a shark tank?


this predates the boycott by two and a half years


A link to the Atlantic? nope

please stop hiring Nazis and terrible people then I’ll consider loaning you my eyeballs and ad revenue




The props go to Zaha.


I guess they fired that guy that people were objecting to?


This reminds me, there is a renovation of a brutalist building here in ATL that they want to put windows in:

It was designed by a member of the Bauhaus, apparently.


Especially if there’s a shark tank!


‘Green Roof’ indeed!

“Your Kung Fu is the best.” [bows]


Sergeant Detritus’ house in Discworld?


As an artist/humanities person, tampering with works—particularly historically significant ones—is a huge no-no.
As a person who was using that library pretty regularly for a while, and who also has issues with light intake/biorhythms/etc, I found the space well laid-out but seriously lacking natural light. Like, I noticed the first time I went, not after reading that article.
I don’t know how to feel, here.


Yeah, I can see the argument for more natural light in the building, too. It’s not unreasonable in that respect, but I’m sure you’re also aware of ATLs track record with historical preservation of buildings.

I wonder if other buildings like this have been renovated to include new windows? That would be precedent for doing so, I guess.