Gallery show of forks stolen from rich people, sealed to preserve crumbs & saliva


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What, the silver spoons were too difficult to remove?


The forks were easier to steal: they were in a place where the sun could shine on them.


Weirdo weirdington!


The rich folks have pretty poor taste when it comes to silver patterns!


If you see a fork in the road, take it.

– Yogi Berra


The U.S. Seekrit Service does not approve.


I think they’re all hotel and restaurant patterns. But yea, they are all pretty ugly save for a couple of the simpler ones.

Do people even buy silver anymore for their homes? My mom has two patterns, one of which belonged to her grandparents. Same with her china one is hers, one was handed down.
Never occurred to my wife and me to buy silver or china - though we have one of my grandmother’s china sets, and use it for everyday along with some plain white plates otherwise.
The set we have was “Made in Occupied Japan”.
I’m a genX’r as are most of my friends. I don’t know one of us that has ever bought silver or china. Just hand-me-downs.


I’m not familiar with the artist, but it strikes me that this would be a lot easier to fake than to do for real.

He might just be trying to ride on the coattails of real cutlery historians like myself; I have in my possession the very salad fork with which Brutus stabbed Caesar.


I don’t recall any of my close friends having fancy silver… However, I do recall purchasing some for at least one friend’s wedding gift.
Mom had a cute daffodil pattern (her favorite flower):


I think they’re called tines. And it looks like there’s 4 of them.


Apparently silver did not tarnish from exposure to air in the medieval era and previous, so it was oligodynamic without being toxic, and did’t require polishing (unless you ate a lot of onions or something equally sulfuric, I suppose)

Now that the air carries so much sulfur, it’s a pointless status symbol. “I can afford to have servants rub things for me!”


The silver I have was my grandmother’s, but I did get china when I got married. And I didn’t have to give it back when I got divorced! :wink:

This is the pattern I have. I think it’s really neat looking!



I like that.

And this one. :slight_smile:
When I got married the first time, we got crystal, but no china or silver. The crystal is just sitting in boxes (I have it for some reason).


Definitely a pattern that I wouldn’t mind owning.


I’m surprised. It looks like only 2 are actually silver.


Presumably it’s all in service of the “rich forks” joke.


There are days when it seems like the whole purpose of the world for the last ten years has been to set up internet snarks.