Game-making app company Unity expands role as U.S. defense contractor

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Their recent acquisitions have been all over the map. The Ironsource one in particular was problematic. But take that and add this and I’m not sure what they’re trying to do at this point.

What I DO know is if they don’t get their act together on the purchasing side of the house, they’re going to LOSE defense contracts. We wait weeks for quotes, and our contract rep is often unresponsive. Not a good look, and it’s starting to drive customers to other products.


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Unreal Engine, CryEngine and others have already gone down the golden road of defense business. Surprised that it’s taken Unity this long to find a lucrative teat to suck on.

Maybe they will finally get their shit together as a result of all the shalls and wills that permeate government contracts.

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I worked at a game company that did some work for DoD. They’ve long had a passing interest in video games because modern games tend to be better than their own high dollar simulators and the soldiers actually want to use them.

They paid us ridiculous amounts of money to produce a thing that was only 80% done and wouldn’t run yet on consumer grade hardware. They were ecstatic because they normally paid Raytheon ten times as much for the same useless prototype. They took it gladly, it probably landed in some general’s desk drawer, and we never heard from them again. Your tax dollars at work.

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