'Game of Thrones' actor dies after 4 days of filming


That’s terribly sad…

And I’m a horrible person because I want to make a joke about George RR Martin’s hobby of killing characters off… but I won’t.


Too soon?


Way too soon. I think it needs to wait until at least a week… though in my family we made jokes about my dad’s passing before the mortician came to pick up his body. I think he would have been proud. I just can’t assume that all families have the same sense of humor.


Book spoilers:

If I recall correctly, his character dies of old age fairly soon in the story. That’s probably about as good of a death you can get in those books.


By all accounts he was a favorite among the crew and nobody saw this coming.


That seems right, from what I remember. I’ve read them all pretty recently.

more info here

It’s very nice of you to mask the spoiler. Shame the mask doesn’t apply when people expand the comment you were replying to.

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