'Game of Thrones' filming locations to reopen as tourist attractions in Northern Ireland


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Just, you know, go easy on the reenactments.


The souvenir shop in Bolton Castle has the worst gifts.



I feel bad for any nearby local residents.


If you stay at the local bed and breakfast, they’ll torture some sausages for you in the morning!




So much of the show’s locations are CGI, it’s likely to be somewhat disappointing…
“Here’s the patch of earth that was surrounded by a greenscreen that was filmed for the scene of the battle of…”


One of my favorite moments in my adult life was earlier this year walking around the walls of Dubrovnik (aka King’s Landing) while it was unseasonably cold, snowing, and virtually empty. Regardless of its relationship to the show, the setting is truly spectacular.


I went to Hobbiton a few years ago, expecting to be thoroughly underwhelmed.

I was wrong. Happily, very wrong.


They not only built some serious sets for LotR movies, they actually re-built them, as more permanent structures, just for the tourists. Game of Thrones, on the other hand, never really had the sets to begin with - the location shooting has had some temporary alterations but also huge amounts of greenscreens. Those real locations are pretty impressive on their own (and have already become tourist magnets), but they’re also in Croatia and Malta…


Oh, there was plenty of that going on for the LOTR sets too. Edoras and surroundings, for example, is a digital composite of three or four different locations - the knoll, the near mountains and the far mountains. They all exist, but you can’t stand in one place and see them all together.

I guess the point is that sets - like Hobbiton - can make actually kind of neat tourist destinations. But you’re right; they put a LOT of extra effort into making Hobbiton more than just a film set, and even more effort into sustaining it at the required standard.


Yeah, you go there, and even if you haven’t seen the movies, it’s still friggin’ Hobbiton. (My mother, who neither knows nor gives a fig about anything LotR-related, randomly ran across pictures of the set on the internet and thought they were pretty neat, just from a landscape/garden design point of view.) I rather suspect that almost all GoT shooting locations, even if one has seen the show, probably wouldn’t be recognizable as such. Looking at some FX break-downs, there’s a lot of, “we shot the actors in front of this section of wall… and everything else is CGI.”


My sources tell me they are being trained to guard the NI border post Brexit.


This is going to confuse a lot of archeologists in the future.


Certain to be the case - after all, there’s a shedload of surplus huskies/Northern Inuit dogs in dogs’ homes in UK these days because of the dickheads who fancied one after seeing GoT and only later realised, as their puppy turned into a heavyweight canine with a large appetite for exercise, that a suburban flat was no place to keep one. So, yeah, your speculation is totally credible. I expect it will be cited by the fuckwit brexiteers as part of the “technical” solution to keeping the border open and orderly.


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