This cool app lets you visit the locations where your favorite movies were filmed

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I downloaded it.

They dont have many movies in their database so far but I guess you have to start somewhere.


Neat, I’ve lived near a few of these.

When I was living in Savannah my daily walking commute would take me past the square where Forrest Gump sat at a bus stop eating chocolates and sharing his life story. I’d often encounter confused-looking tourists and have to explain that the bus stop & bench they were looking for was just a prop that the studio took after filming wrapped so they wouldn’t be able to get the souvenir photos they were hoping for.

I knew the feeling because I was disappointed to learn that I couldn’t visit the bell tower from Hitchcock’s Vertigo because Mission San Juan Bautista never actually had one (the movie was filmed at the real mission but the tower was faked).


I just happen to be watching Beverly Hills Cop. I thought I’d try out the app. Growing up in Detroit, the opening scene is awesome.

Nope, none of the big movies filmed around here are in the database.

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Yes, I was surprised to see only 24 entires for Toronto, Ontario, and three for Cambridge, UK. Hopefully it will grow over time.


Hello NukeML! Thanks for checking out our Setjetters app, and you’re right! We’re just getting started. If you have scene ideas PLEASE let us know through our SUBMIT A SCENE link. We really want our users to have fun, and see and share the films and locations they know and love!


I’ve seen so much filming (movies, TV shows and commercials) being done in Long Beach, CA over the years and it’s surprising so few are listed on the app. Donnie Darko, Jane Austen Book Club, Dexter, Clueless…CSI Miami should’ve been called CSI Long Beach. Lots of old movies used the art deco city airport.

Wait. No Star Trek at Vasquez Rocks? That’s blasphemy.

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