Game Of Thrones opens a Moon Door [Recap: s4e7]


Prince Oberyn mentioned having spent 5 years living in the city of The Unsullied. Was he taking or giving weapons instruction? In previews of the next episode, we see him squaring off against The Mountain with the Prince wielding a lance. It looks like he’s going to go all Shaolin Wushu with the spear.

Book Spoiler(ish)

One of the things that the show has glossed over with Oberyn that is covered a lot in the books is where his nickname of ‘The Red Viper’ comes from. He is quite adept with that spear for sure.

I think what I’m really liking about this season is how the storylines of the books are more compressed. What I’m not liking so much is the fact that all the stuff I unconsciously skipped over in the books (a random-access medium) ends up getting a lot of play in the show (a sequential medium). Reek’s torture, especially, and as others have noted, the raping.

I’m looking most forward to Tyrion’s resolution, with a twist and an oh-no. Actually, I kind of skipped past the oh-no the first time through, then I reread it to get all the points square in my noggin. The reactions on Twitter will be delicious.

Hmm, well written episode, I guess this reviews basic retelling of the show illustrates how this episode is yet another set up episode. Not a lot to talk about, except how exciting that fight will be next time…

I for one hope your spoiler does not happen. If we know someone can come back from the dead, the impact of killing them off goes away

There’s already been one back-from-the-dead character in the show: Beric Dondarrion

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As I taught my daughters, while showing them that any tough jar can be opened with a slight release of the vacuum seal by using a can opener: brains over brawn.

Why did it take 2 & 1/2 days for this review to even appear?

There was a technical issue. All sorted now.

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Its just another part of the world around them changing. Magic has been greatly missing from this fantasy world for some time. But with the return of the Walkers, reborn dragons, the Red Witch and her spawns and dead rising magic is making a major come back.

And also as we’ve already seen with Beric, returning from the dead comes at a great cost. It also isn’t just the easiest thing. Not any dead being can just come back.

Speaking of the boob quota and changes from the book, seems to be that the Robyn character is really weakened by excluding the book aspect that Lysa still wet nurses him.

First time we lay eyes on Robin Arryn (way back in Season One, Episode Five, “The Wolf and the Lion”) he’s on the teat. But I think that might have been the only time it was shown.

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Remember, women’s breasts are for ogling; nursing is icky and should never be shown.

I’m only half kidding. I would bet having a boy that age “nurse” on screen would not pass the censors.

Edited to add: forgot about that…thanks DP!

His first appearance this year did have him nestled quite close to Lyssa’s boobs so I would say even not seeing it happen it is safe to assume Show Robyn still suckles.

Your theory is probably correct. Killing, orgies, rapes: OK. Nursing: no way.

True, but he was only mostly dead.

Aw, ye of little faith. Showtime used to advertise itself with the phrase “No Limits” (that is, until they realized that Takashi Miike’s episode of Masters of Horror managed to stray a tad beyond their own unrealized limits), but HBO ain’t afraid of a little nipplejuice on the chin of a disturbingly overage minor.

Check this possibly NSFW link if you still disbelieve.

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They did that once. Maybe they realized the potential legal trouble of pressing an underage boys face against a non relatives naked breast and filming it.

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