Game review: detectives hunt for the infamous Mr. X in Scotland Yard

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I saw him in an airport, while he was sitting on a wing.
I waved to him, but I don’t think he noticed me.
I’ve got a funny feeling I know who he is.
Mr. X

I always loved this game. There must be a copy at my parents’ house somewhere dating from the 80s.

I loved this game as a kid. I’m pretty sure it was Milton Bradley back then. It’s a great training ground for things like Fury of Dracula.

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On many occasions over the years, people seem to have been generally disinclined to play this game. I have the impression that there’s just a little bit too much luck involved in coordinating everyone around Mr. X at the opportune moment.

I think it’s amazing that you thank a small toy store for lending you a copy but then recommend everyone buy their copy at Amazon.

Keep up the good work, with this kind of support Amazon can finally put these smaller local stores out of business.


I bought Mice and Mystics locally because I wanted it that weekend. But I was bit o_0 when I asked for a discount off of full retail ( like 10% maybe - throw me a bone) and got a snarky response at my suggestion. Back when I gamed and collected comics I NEVER paid full retail on anything. And I bought all locally.

Had I planned better, I’d have ordered it online, though. I mean small price difference I can work with. Charging me full retail at this day an age? Eh - it’s not a charity.

Anyway. Uh - this game. Is it old? I swear I played a game like it and looked very similar, but I don’t remember all those extra pieces.

1983 was when I played it.

Do you haggle everywhere you go, or just local merchants?

BoingBoing has a great store you’ll love!


Depends on the store. Big stores price match. My recreational/hobby items I a lot of times order because I can’t find it here or want it used.

Like I said though, comic shops and the like, yeah I would see if I could make a deal on some purchases. It was a significant difference on the game I bought. Comic conventions if you are buying more than one thing you can almost always haggle. Flea market, pawnshops, gun stores - anything that has some used items have flexible pricing usually. And at that particular store I sorta knew the owner (though it may have changed hands since then), and he had knocked a bit off in the past.

ETA - one guy was like “No sorry, we can’t. I understand if you want to pass on it.” Which was fine.

The other guy was like, “You won’t have to worry about local stores much longer and some other snarky comment.” Hey man - I didn’t start the fire. Don’t make it personal.

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I love the map. It looks like an take on the classic 1914 Wonderground Map of London Town.


You made it personal when you chose to stoke the fire as much as you could.

Supporting local retail means paying full retail sometimes, or are you unclear on the concept encapsulated by the phrase ‘full retail’. [/snark]


Played in the '90s… When I went to London a couple of years back (first and only time upto now), it was pretty easy to find my way around…

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