Your FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store)

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I appreciate a good FLGSs. I had an epic Non-LGS in my annual orbit as a kid, it was a vacation destination and what I saved up my lawn-mowing and any birthday money for. My current LGS is decidedly pokemon territory, and as you’re more likely to find me in Kingsport or Arkham, it’s a tavern that generates no useful rumors or henchmen, despite the occasional artifacts kicking around.

What kinds of games do you play, and where you do get them? Where is your FLGS?

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Here in Tokyo there’s a chain called Yellow Submarine which focuses 99% on local product and mostly CCGs. Theres also an entire floor of a big bookstore in Jimbocho devoted to import (western) and local games. I’d get more into it but the local foreigners gaming group meets once a month at a place thats more than an hour train ride for me so I cant really make it a regular thing so easily.

No longer local to me, but for a time I lived within walking distance of the delightful That’s Entertainment in Worcester, MA. Though I’m not much of a tabletop or board gamer, I made good use of their used videogame selection. In addition to games of all sorts they also dealt in refurbished video game consoles (including rather obscure ones), records, videos, comic books, toys…

A gaming store opened a few months ago in the town where I live. Before it appeared the nearest similar thing was a town or two away. I found out about it quite by chance, and still haven’t gotten around to checking it out (despite walking right by it on a number of occasions).

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