Gamergate publishes a Zoe Quinn rape fantasy (TW obviously)

Zada Quinby is a controversial video game designer who may have crossed
the line,” the book’s description reads. “When her latest game offends
the nation, five upset players decide to teach her a lesson. This gang
of gamers decides to give Zada of piece of their mind, and much more!

ZQ Tweeted:

having your trauma be fetishized and sold to people who wish they could revictimize you is not an occupational hazard I signed up for.
— Dr Jabroni Frendzoni (@TheQuinnspiracy) December 19, 2014

I do hope the FBI catches up with them. Aren’t these the kind of guys who think a SWAT team is hilarious?

UPDATE: The title was removed by Amazon minutes after Raw Story spoke to an Amazon representative. GamerGate is, however, taking credit for having the title removed:

@scottekaufman Why not credit #GamerGate for helping get it removed?
— Orthonormalist (@orthonormalist) December 19, 2014

I can’t even.

I wonder if there is an overlap with those open carry TX goofballs?
Spitting, Stalking, Rape Threats: How Gun Extremists Target Women | Mother Jones


I hate you, Milkman Dan @crenquis.

Pfft, everybody hates Milkman @crenquis


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