Gamergate bogeywoman Zoe Quinn sells a memoir, movie about her harassment


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But what about the ethics in filmmaking?!


No GGers (no, phone, please do not autocorrect that o to an i) here yet? Seems like they’ve lost a step.


Ethics in game journalism aside, I wonder how they’re going to make an effective movie out of what amounts to a wall of text? “Show, don’t tell” is going to be hard to implement, I imagine.


I’m confused- not a gamer - but they’re arguing that their goal in making their rape threats is really just to make the victims wealthy?

It doesn’t sound like a defense strategy that a jury would find compelling.


Haven’t you seen Swordfish? Or watched NCIS?


Never, sorry. I assume they’re awesome?


You should definitely take the time to watch Swordfish. The amount of accuracy and understanding of how computers work is breathtaking. Be sure to make it a full afternoon by watching Hackers.


The same way every movie makes every character say words as they type or read. You read as you type like the rest of us, right?

Sometimes I’ll even be in the middle of typing and yes, I’d love a cup of tea will type out anything I say if yes, milk would be great someone asks me a I think I have a mug on the counter, the Sun Records one question.


I’m thinking it’ll be a musical


Sorkin did a pretty good job with The Social Network. I Quinn’s story has a lot more drama and should make a pretty good movie, although I would expect it to be “based” on a true story rather than a documentary.


Good for Zoe! I’m looking forward to reading the book.


Selling the story isn’t the same as making the movie. It’s only the first step in a long chain of production. But that’s okay, since that means that Quinn gets a small pile of money right now, which is nice. If she gets a movie at the end of it (and it resembles the true story, underneath the Hollywoodization) then that’s a bonus.


I think they’re now focusing on trying to convert anarchists and communists. The anarchists (at least the ones I read) are pretty much unanimous in telling them to fuck off and that you can’t be an anarchist without being a feminist and pro-LGBT.



oh yes, i’ve seen some screencaps of those intereactions and they are knee slapping hilarious. Poor saps.


They’ve shown up from time to time. The regulars tear apart their idiocy right quick, and they slink off.


No, I think the #germergoat argument is that their victims aren’t really getting all those hundreds, thousands of death/rape threats*, they’re faking it/exaggerating the situation to draw attention to themselves.

*Except for the threats they can’t deny are real, but those were made by people not in the #gamertaint group, you see. Even though GG has no leadership, organization, coherent set of goals, beliefs, etc., somehow anyone who associates themselves with the group and provably makes threats is somehow not part of the group but some sort of aberrant outsider. Given that the group demonstrably was created as a mob to attack Zoe, inspired by the immediately disproven accusations of an angry ex-boyfriend, it doesn’t seem strange, exactly, that a group created to attack a female game developer for no actual reason (besides her being a female game developer) would harbor misogynists.

I think at this point they’ve realized that #germergoat is well known enough that people have either drunk their coolaid or know that their argument that “it’s not really about misogyny but about X” arguments don’t hold any water.


I was going to write up a whole thing about how GG, but it just makes me angry.

Suffice it to say that it’s a pathetic and transparently irrational bits of entitled-boy-rage, that’s nothing more or less than the gamer subdivision of the MRA/Red-pill/etc asshats spewing shit because there are people they don’t like saying things on the internet.

I’ve been following it from the beginning, and kinda lurking around some of their spaces… they’re seriously tinfoil-hat.


The only thing anyone needs to know about GG summed up 100% perfectly