Invasion boards set out to ruin lives



Well damn, I know it’s MLK day and all, but it’s been 30m and no-one’s posted “i’m shocked that bOING bOING would be against free speech.” Back to cat video listicles, I guess!


Ha. I knew it! But I never thought you’d admit it. 8)

Mostly we’re just too scared to post in GG-related threads, lest we be accused of being newbie-sockpuppets.


Clearly, they’re all out busy doing some community service and aren’t able to come correct us Frankfurt school crypto-facists … MLK is a day on, not a day off, Rob!


It’s definitely not free speech when it’s an actual crime.

“Means to intentionally say or do something which would cause a person of ordinary sensibilities to be fearful of bodily harm. It is not necessary to prove that the victim was actually frightened, and neither is it necessary to prove that the behavior of the person was so violent that it was likely to cause terror, panic or hysteria.”
It’s a felony and you can get 10 years for this.

Also Criminal threatening, menacing, terrorizing. And in the case of Swatting, murder.


This here is SMURF.C, not as clumsy or random as a doxx or swatting.

An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age.

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I’ve always thought everyone involved in those food fights should meet up in real life and go to a hotel for an angry grudge-**** because they all have more in common than they’d like to admit.

The goal is to antagonize their targets into responding. That response, be it retreat, fear, or defiance, “generates lulz”, feeding into the raiders’ mean-spirited sense of humor. 


Because people who ruin lives are exactly like the people whose lives have been ruined? I don’t suppose that could be considered blaming the victim at all?


For all I know I have an army of stalkers and a thousand death threats on Twitter. Except I’m not on Twitter, and if someone told me I was getting death threats on Twitter I’d say “So?” And I have had death threats, credible death threats from real people with real motives who could have gotten to me easily. My life was in no way ruined by that experience.

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It therefore follows that all other people would feel the same way if they weren’t such fools. From this it follows that anybody whose lives seemed to be ruined by death threats are actually drama queens who had it coming. Is that about right?


The thing is, if you had an army of stalkers on Twitter, this army would be damn sure to let you know about it. Hence the centrality of doxxing to this. The point isn’t just to smear somebody’s public reputation, but to also rub it in their face.


The point is I still would not care.

Could you put a different brand of cheese in your mousetrap? I don’t like cheddar.


God bless you Captain Obvious!

Who are you scoring a point against? Me? The author of the quoted words? Or maybe you? I have just no idea.

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Even if they sent the SWAT team to your house?

I call shenaigans* (edited from a more incendiary word choice)

I’ve -actually- been poisoned, but never clear by whom. Only cowards make threats, that’s true. And It actually improved my life, since I paid a lot closer attention to what I ate and who I allowed in my house.


But surely this allowed you to extrapolate the experience of all other poisonees, some of whom have had the temerity to whine about “dying” when what they really need to do is meet up in real life with their poisoner and go to a hotel for an angry grudge-****. Which is what I’m sure you’d do if you ever found out by whom, right? After all, this was literally a food fight.


Other way around.

Edited to add, for clarity: It’s the intoxicated who never stop extrapolating my experience. Yours too. Projection is their thing. Also… what do I have to do with your imagined grudge-****? I missed something.