Gangsta's Paradise, 1920s edition

My issue was solely with the phrasing here on BB. ( I know SW got the credits and royalty, but adding some verses to a song that already existed doesn’t transfer ownership to Coolio.)

Not interested in making any mountains out of molehills.

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I saw a group in Australia a couple of times called “Lady Sings It Better” who covered songs originally performed with male singers - a lot of fun to hear the the lyrics from the opposing pov.

Yes it could be interesting even in the other direction (yes the chords are a bit deifferent and is more dancey, but I’m a PSB fan :slight_smile: )


Tori Amos did a whole album like that…

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Ooh ooh ooh. Are we sharing our favourite PMJ songs? Here is Hayley Reinhardt singing from her heels on All About that Bass?

And here is Gunhild Carling because holy crap…


I guess this is meta PO MO - PMJ doing a pastiche of a Meghan Trainor song which is a pastiche of a 50’s girl group song.

If you just take the vocals and double bass (get it bass) there is actually very little difference in the performances, especially in the vocals that seems to use a particular contemporary style of only just hinting at a consonance!

THIS is the thread I needed to end an otherwise dreadful week in my household! Thank you all!

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I’d completely forgotten about the original.

Another example in the genre I only recently learned of is Portishead’s Glory Box and Isaac Hayes’s Ike’s Rap 2.


*jaw drops*

I hadn’t known PMJ even existed until now. Absolutely inspired!