Gardening, Part 2

I tried it one year, but it did not make it through the winter. We get pretty cold, with single digit snaps, even if most of the winter is 30’s and 40’s. I do love perennial veggies, though, so might try again as the climate warms.


I grew Kale last year over winter. I set it as seedlings in October and kept it under cover all winter. We had two feet of snow in the ground at one point such that it bent the hoops on the row covers.

The kale survived and I got some really sweet kale in the spring, but it bolted very quickly once our two weeks of spring was over. I grew Kohlrabi too but it bolted in the spring as well.


I think I got my seed here, but it’s UK-based.

TBH what I harvested was small, and a little bitter. I dug it up at the end of last season.

I tried another this year and I did manage to get a few small tasty heads, but not much. But I’ve left it alone since and it has spread, so I’ll leave it to spring and if it shows signs of producing again I may let it try and earn its space. But the jury is very much still out…


Filed away for future reference

Can get it on this side of the pond. A little concerned that it is described as “Hardy down to zone 7” as I am in 6b, but might be worth a trial at least.


Looks at pics of your garden, looks at pics of my own…

That word, I do not think it means what you think it means. :wink: