Watch these plants explode

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I forgot the joy of touching the impatiens seed pods… I guess that I need to schedule my next visit “back home” for seed pod season.


Had a guide in Thailand who picked a bunch of these (not sure what species) and handed them out to the group. “These fruit have a very special flavor: just keep them on your tongue until you taste it.”

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I realized this when I had violets on my balcony last year. I kept trying to collect the seeds and failing because they would either already be gone or they would shoot out when I tried getting them out of the pod. California poppies do a similar thing but it’s much easier to harvest their pods before they pop.

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I’m a fan of wisteria pods.

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My mother has been cultivating carnivorous plants for a few years, and recently started propagating squirting cucumbers from seed collected in CA. They really pop, and it takes very little movement for one to go when “primed”. I’m growing some in my community garden this year in an attempt to guard the plot from dogs peeing on the fence.

That’s a video I’d like to see.

Came to say almost exactly that. I haven’t even thought about those little bodysnatchers in years!

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Warning: Do not watch if you are wearing a red uniform.


I have some Jewelweed (touch me not) growing on the banks of a tiny stream behind my house. Such an amazing watery plant. Pretty little orange flowers in late Summer, the magic exploding seedpods right when Summer is over. Then the whole patch dies off for fall/winter.

The plant cures poison ivy and some fungal problems. Can be made into a brown tea and applied topically. Feels so good on poison ivy.

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I planted some violets in a small container for my daughter a couple of years back, and now have violets popping up in most of the containers near the original. Luckily it’s a bit too dry here, and I suspect the soil a bit too alkaline for them to spread beyond that (as they’re definitely non-native flora around here).

I miss the days when educational TV wasn’t compelled to shoehorn in drama with fake sound effects and breathless voice-overs.


The narrator has the voice of Donovan in Atlantis. Very soothing.

Hail Atlantis, Hail Wysteria.

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