Gary Numan talks about his favorite albums at LA's Amoeba Records


Quite interesting.

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BBC 4 played the “Synth Britannia” docs the other night including some of the performances they broadcast way back when. I was surprised to see Billy Currie from Ultravox playing with Gary in one of the clips. But I see he contributed to Pleasure Principle so it all makes sense. Man, Replicas blew me and my crowd away when it came out! I’m looking forward to his new one.

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Gary Numan is my idol. And he’s an excellent bloke, too. I got to hang out with him a while in Pittsburgh in 1997 when he was touring for Exile and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. We just hung around by his tour bus pulled over on Forbes Avenue BSing about computers, how great it is to sleep, and–oddly enough–Marilyn Manson’s Mechanical Animals, the only Manson album I like.

@Gary Numan: It’s so great to have you here in North America.

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