Three outstanding covers of Gary Numan's 1979 hit "Are 'Friends' Electric?"

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All excellent.

Shameless plug, something I made back in the aughts:

“Basic riff from Gary Numan’s Are Friends Electric as it might have sounded remade by Dio” (after the Holy Diver intro)

(Pardon the amateurish video, I’m an amateur after all)


@beschizza, these are great. Also see: Groove Armada’s chill out version here… Are 'Friends' Electric? - YouTube


I’m playing Gary Numan, right now! (I, Assassin)


Should have included Information Society

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Go on then, I’ll add this cover version…
Paul Denman, singer of Yorkshire based alt/goth ‘Fabric of Fear’ with James Baring who once played bass in a 70’s punk band with Lloyd Grossman (I kid ye not!)

<a href="">Are 'friends' Electric?<\a>

As a thing, I’ve always’ve freaking loved curated song comparisons and thus, I freaking loved this great set of songs covering one of the most influential songs of the 20th.

Super thanks!

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There was a 1997 Gary Numan tribute album that included many covers of this song. I think my favorite was this cover by An Pierlé.


I think I might prefer Are Friends Electric as a guitar riff, to the original synthy thing. Good stuff.

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Thanks for that (and welcome to BB). Very good version.
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Any idea which version of WotW film the video clips were from?

@embeaux I like that one, too. Thanks.


came for this, leaving satisfied! That double-cd set (“Random”) has some really lovely covers (St. Etienne’s Stormtrooper In Drag bears no resemblance to the original and I love it so much).

I’ve also grown to really love the UK rap version of “Films” by Underdog (but in the 90s if it wasn’t Wu Tang, I didn’t want to hear it… smdh at my own immature ignorance)

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Fromage homage

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