Gas-powered leaf blowers suck... err... blow

Why leaf blowers are being banned across the country

Eh, I have an E-Go electric leaf blower that is much more quiet (although far from actually quiet) and zero emission. We are transitioning to all electric lawn equipment, but it is expensive. Still have yet to find a decent electric tiller, but blower, push mower and chain saw are excellent in the E-Go line. When our zero-turn needs replacing it will be an electric model, but that will hopefully be a couple years yet.


The linked article is specifically about two-stroke gas-powered blowers. It even talks about incentivizing transitioning to electric blowers in some places.

I’m also moving to all-electric lawn equipment of the Ego variety. So far just the chainsaw (which I love, other than its annoying tendency of dropping the chain) and the string trimmer. Unfortunately, larger equipment requires a larger battery, or multiples, and possible a bigger charger, so I haven’t yet gone all out.


Can only speak to the Ego line. (BTW best advice I ever got on this was pick a battery platform and stick with it) but for them, all the batteries will work in all the equipment and charge on all the chargers. I have a 10 AH battery for the mower, 5 AH for the blower and the saw and 4 AH for the string trimmer that all can swap out with no problem. Obviously, the 4 AH will not mow as far as the 10 AH, but it will work fine. The zero turn takes up to (IIRC) 6 batteries, and they make up to 12 AH batteries. The price is steep ($6k right now) but a huge chunk of that is 6 10 AH batteries. It’s a nice system, and I have not had a problem yet. (And I have no incentive to push it either, although if they want to sponsor me, I’m open to a call! :grin:)


Good to know. I just assumed that a 4AH battery simply wouldn’t run a mower, and that a charger made for a 4AH battery wouldn’t charge a 10AH battery – or would take a really long time to do it.


I switched to a battery trimmer and blower a few years ago because of a bad shoulder, the pull start really made it worse.

If it weren’t for a couple vacant lots that the owners neglect that I cut when they get over grown I’d have a battery lawn mower.

The trimmer is perfect, the blower is good for clearing off the street after mowing.

The lawnmower I have is a Toro super recycler mulching mower, it disappears the leaves in one pass no matter how many there are.

I do have a jet engine gas blower for the fall because my neighbors believe in letting the wind rake their leaves.

I use the blower just to get the leaves out in the open to be mulched. The battery blower can’t quite cut it.

My next blower will be a more powerful battery one.

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My county in Va. is working on the transition…

Fairfax County furthers push to replace gas leaf blowers with electric devices | FFXnow.

What would be REALLY nice is for the noise ordinance to shift from 7AM to after, IDK, noon!


That’s the thing, it doesn’t matter if it’s gas or electric, for Dog’s sake wait until after a decent hour. If someone is trying to sleep, noise is noise, and just because you get up at 6am everyday doesn’t mean everyone does.


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