Motorized plywood go-kart


Becuase an electric version would cost about $3000 to $5000. Sadly rechargeable batteries are still pretty expensive.

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Is that cost for Lithium ion batteries?

Because plain old Lead - acid batteries would work just fine, as long the go-kart owner was prepared to make the performance sacrifices.

Exactly. Or they could use RC li-poly and gain significant performance then promptly burst into flames.


Nope. You can see the rocker cover in the side view. Looks like a Honda, or more likely a Chinese knockoff of a Honda.

Most basic carts like that start in that price range and are metal… They are a lot harder to ship than this would be, but that’s why you buy them down at the local hardware store or power sports place. And the up side is they don’t fall apart in the snow…

Yep. I don’t know why 2-stroke would be the assumption; 4-strokes are more common in this application, especially since horizontal shaft 4-strokes are so cheap (in knock-off versions) at places like Harbor Freight.

What I’d really like to see, btw, is a scooter design… I wonder how fast though this plywood thing would rattle itself apart…

I’ll stick with this battery powered model that I bought for my son on clearance for $100 from Wal-mart. And that included free shipping!

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